Carmel Catholic Alumni Against Rick Santorum

Hammerhard MediaWorks Principal Matt Muchowski helped create and mobilize the community group “Carmel Catholic Alumni Against Rick Santorum.”  Santorum, a former Senator from Pennslyvania and a Republican Presidential candidate known for his anti-LGBTQ equality positions had graduated from Carmel Catholic High School in Mundelein, Illinois in 1976.  Muchowski helped  mobilize alumni to speak out against Santorum’s hate.

After Santorum had a good showing in the Iowa caucus, Carmel Catholic Alumni Against Rick Santorum was instrumental in changing the media coverage from a ‘local pride’ story to a ‘controversy at Carmel’ story.  The group of Carmel alumni united for LGBTQ equality effectively showed how Santorum’s views do not represent those of Carmel alumni, or Catholics.

Muchowski created a facebook page that gain over 600 followers, more than twice as many as the “Carmel Catholic Alumni For Rick Santorum” group.  Opponents of Santorum led a war of words in the media against a former Republican Senatorial candidate who supported Santorum.

Muchowski developed press releases and acted as spokesperson on several positive television appearances.  Carmel Catholic Alumni Against Rick Santorum became a national story, with features on In These Times and Perez Hilton.

Carmel Catholic Alumni Against Rick Santorum involved the community in a large way, trained Carmel alumni in talking points, and created an open environment where many alumni from the school were able to come out of the closet.  When Santorum visited Illinois before the primary election, Carmel Catholic Alumni Against Rick Santorum mobilized hundreds to rally against his views outside of his appearance.

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