Training is a core part of our mission, and while much of our work involves in-person, hands-on training, we’ve also provided links below to some resources and training tools that progressives can use as self-training tools.

Remember that you already know the basics about getting the word out about your project or your group’s work. Why? Because you already know how to tell a story, and storytelling — sharing the salient facts and the core truths about that story — are a central part of human exchange.

Take this as your baseline, and use materials from us and other projects to augment and amplify the basic capacity that each of us has to tell our stories with passion and principle. We advise our partners to follow one editorial rule in their work: tell the truth. Everything else is simply about sharpening our skills in getting out the facts and building momentum for progressive work around those truths.

  • Our latest whitepaper – Building Labor Online And In The Streets:  Here
  • Media Work For Progressives – A Snapshot:  Here
  • A Beginner’s Guide To Data And Field: Here
  • How To Make A Flyer – The Good, The Bad And The Beautiful:  Here

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