What We Do

We create winning strategies in communications, public relations, organizing, constituency building and outreach for grassroots groups and organizations committed to economic and social justice.

We can help you design and deploy cutting-edge data solutions that build and energize your base – and mesh with your group’s goals in fundraising, outreach, constituency-building and more. We can help you assemble an agile, hard-hitting field operation that mobilizes supporters and wins battles. We can work with you to shape an integrated approach to press outreach, organizing, data-gathering, constituency engagement, fundraising, communications and volunteer recruitment – all of the components that make up a holistic approach to effective movement-building. We can help you message effectively with Salsa, Constant Contact or plain old email – and use the vast array of tools that new platforms offer to build buy-in, sharpen your effectiveness and mobilize support.

We can collaborate with you to shape and sharpen just one of these skillsets – or craft an integrated communications and organizing infrastructure that supports long-term organizational sustainability.

How We Work:

Our philosophy is simple: empower ordinary people to tell the stories that need to be told and build the support they need to fight injustice and build a better world. Hands-on advocacy, organizing and outreach is our specialty — along with cutting-edge technology to build and supplement advocacy, organizing and outreach.

  • We help our clients embed media and outreach strategies in a larger strategic organizing scenario, so that core organizing goals always drive the messaging – and safeguard the client’s larger mission.
  • Because effective movement-building is intrinsically bound to community-building, our work is designed to help clients connect with people across shared areas of concern and common points of unity.
  • Collective strength is built on the struggles and accumulated wisdom of the people and projects who’ve broken ground before us – and we embrace the responsibility to pass these insights along.

Whether you need staff training in media messaging or a comprehensive communications plan – and the support to put that plan into action – whether you need guidance in fleshing out a strong field operation or a crash course in new technologies to create a winning campaign, we can help.

We also understand how tough it is for groups that are rich in inspiration but tight on practical resources. We offer very competitive rates – call us and we can arrange an initial consultation.

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