Matt Muchowski

Matt Muchowski spends his days and sleepless nights strategizing to revive the labor movement. With a background in grassroots union and community organizing, Muchowski approaches communications with a data-driven, results-focused, mission.

Muchowski has worked with a number of progressive groups, including: Service Employees International Union, Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union, Alliance of Charter School Teachers and Staff, Service Workers United, and the Industrial Workers of the World. Muchowski has held senior communications positions with communitiy groups that supported Health Care Reform and LGBTQ Equality. Muchowski has also held senior responsibilites on over a dozen electoral campaigns.

He has led field, communications, fundraising, electoral and data efforts, and been responsible for 5 and 6 figure budgets.

Communications Experience:

Muchowski has advised on Public Relations and Communications Strategy for a number of labor and progressive organizations.  He has developed social media communications strategy and best practices that use consumer, voter, funding and other data to create customized messaging through micro-targeting.

Muchowski has created and managed websites with 6 and 7 digit page-views, managed direct mail programs, created bulk e-mail systems, directed videos and viral marketing campaigns, and supervised web based ad campaigns.

He has coordinated several earned media efforts, written press lists and press releases, been a media spokesperson and most importantly trained rank and file activists on how to speak to the media.

Muchowski has been a contributor for In These Times, Gapers Block, Infamous Scribbler, Labor Notes, Lumpen, Proximity, AAUP Notes and Dialogo.

Data-Based Solutions:

Muchowski has used a variety of data solutions including Votebuilder, Salsa, NGP, Nationbuilder, and several customized solutions, where he has developed best practices for data entry, and data use that were used to develop field, communications and fundraising plans.  He has extensive experience tracking voter responses, volunteer and member activity, and developing systems to increase participation and retention.

Background in Organizing:

Muchowski has worked on campaigns to unionize non-union shops where he would meet with workers on a regular basis, discuss their issues one-on-one, map out the social networks at shops, identify shop leaders and recruit new members.  He oversaw the development of training guides for field organizers, recruited, trained and managed organizers and interns, in addition to filing and fighting grievances, participating in contract negotiation strategy sessions.

 Election Professional:

Muchowski has extensive experience in political elections, both on the candidate-side and labor-side. Muchowski has coordinated strategic targeting, drafted and updated election calendar and tracked updates.  He has researched and wrote internal white papers on candidates and their opposition.   He also wrote candidate questionnaires for Political Advocacy Committee’s and consulted candidates on endorsement questionnaires.  He developed the first online candidate questionnaire and tracking system used by a local union.

Muchowski has campaigned in rural, suburban and urban districts, managed multiple canvassing and phone bank office, and established standards on state-wide races.  He is an expert recruiter of canvassers and volunteers


Muchowski has developed and implemented online fundraising strategies, advised on fundraising tactics and approach, researched potential donors and solicited donations.  He has also coordinated grant applications for non-profit organizations.

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