Who We Are

HammerHard Mediaworks is a worker-run collective of media professionals and activists committed to media advocacy, skills-sharing and movement-building that punches through conventional stereotypes and corporate bias to build progressive grassroots power.

HammerHard was jumpstarted in Chicago in 1995 by activist and communications worker Christine Geovanis to provide public relations and media solutions for victims of police brutality and their families. Today, HammerHard’s collective includes a broad network of media professionals, activists, advocates, graphic designers, videographers and tech experts committed to supporting organizing and communications solutions for progressive grassroots groups and organizations.

We’ve worked on issues that range from labor union empowerment and immigrant rights to Palestinian solidarity and anti-war protests. Our goal: to help projects connect tactical media work with mission-driven organizing goals that shift public opinion, marshal popular support and create real progressive change on the ground.


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