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Jobs With Justice

We’ve been involved with the national labor coalition Jobs With Justice and its local and regional chapters for years. We’ve most recently been consulting with their national office as a part of their technology assessment committee, assisting JWJ with planning and implementing technology-based solutions to their communications strategy.

We’re also working with the Northern Illinois chapter of Jobs With Justice to build their┬ácommunications capabilities and help them grow their chapter. That includes helping NIJWJ implement Salsa — a leading online member database, fundraising and mass e-mail system — by training NIJWJ members aged 16 – 70 on how to use this new technology how to employ best practices to extend their reach.

Norelco – A pdf of an e-mail we helped NIJWJ to write — one of their first uses of Salsa to help get the word out about their support for Norelco workers.